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Crew Positions


  • Deckhands work on a 4-5 person tugboat. They work a 30/15 or 20/10 schedule. They are responsible for making/breaking the tow, standing lookout, chipping, painting, housekeeping and sanitary duties as well as assisting with the engine room as needed.


  • The Engineer must professionally repair all machinery and equipment on board the vessel within his capabilities. Perform preventive maintenance. Submit discrepancies to office. Directly responsible for the transfer of necessary fuel, water, and lube oil. Responsible as the firefighting expert on board. Must have QMED and/or DDE4000 certifications.

AB Tankerman

Captain / Mate

  • They are responsible for the safe and efficient operation and performance of the crew, vessel and tow, and for ensuring that the equipment is kept neat, clean, and in good working order. Also ensure that all company policies, rules, and regulations are followed.

Shoreside Positions

Port Engineer

Job Summary

Responsibilities/Duties Ensures all vessel engineers are properly trained and comply with regulatory training and/or certification requirements.  Provides oversight to vessel engineers and shipyard periods.

Responsibilities and Duties

Port Engineer will respond to all discrepancies and deficiencies in a timely manner. Supervises the timely and cost-effective maintenance, repair, modifications, and refurbishment projects of existing fleet. Develops dry-docking specifications, vendor bid packages, and evaluation projects. Monitors the contractor and/or shipyard during maintenance and repair projects. Conducts on-site surveys of vessels and equipment to determine maintenance and repair needs. Makes repair recommendations to VP Engineering. Analyzes problems and interfaces with appropriate operations personnel. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Skills

High School Degree or equivalent is required. A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field preferred. Transportation Worker Identification Card required, USCG license preferred. Strong mechanical, analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills.

50% Travel is required. The Port Engineer works under the authority of the VP of Engineering.  Send resume to:  personnel@dannmarine.com or call:  410-885-5055 for more info.